About “This Is The Left”

Welcome to whatistheleft.com 

About Us,

We are a group of anonymous observers to, and commentators on, the ongoing fight against leftism, communism, and the attached globalist agenda.

We’re not necessarily writers, and we’re not really journalists either. We’re just regulars, trying to be solid links to help maintain the information chain in this age of political correctness and moral & legal ambiguity.

We’d tell you more about ourselves, except that leftists are evil, and like to dox people, on account of their psychopathic nature and inherent violent tendencies. So we remain Anons.

Why We Do,

Free speech is essential to a free society.

What We Do.

Not much, to be honest.
The Leftists write all their own material. We’re mostly just re-shoveling the manure.

Although we do use many of the major social media web services, we realize that free speech is being slowly killed on those platforms, and we encourage any and all persons of reason and intelligence to make blogs and websites of your own, and to begin to create networks and links outside of FB, Twitter and the other would-be information ministers of the internet.

Those platforms are rapidly inplementing a purge of accounts they don’t like for whatever arbitrary reasons, and the wise move is to archive one’s data on these sites if they can, and start making other connections before they find their entire accounts wiped out by a FB info-bot.

Believe it or not,  FB actually use bots to crawl posts & comments, purging anything the bot decides violates policies.

Yes folks, FB employs robot hate-speech monitors. Imagine that.

If you would like to write us an article, or link to us, or ask us a question, or send us on tropical vacations, or just donate vast sums of money to us, please,  email us @ whatistheleft@whatistheleft.com
We just love that sort of thing.

All the best,
The Anons of www.whatistheleft.com