CFR Member Richard Haass Echoes George Soros, “the New World Order Is Failing”

Commenting on the current rise of populism, member of the Council For Foreign Relations Richard Haass said this about President Trump in an interview with NDTV …”we clearly have a populist [in office]. It’s just not in the United States, it’s all over the world.”

He continued with “… one of the common words, phrases is “Liberal World Order” and what we’re seeing is two things, it’s much less liberal and it’s much less orderly”.

Likewise, in Davos, Switzerland this year George Soros intoned the same sentiment saying: “Whether we like it or not, my foundations, most of our grantees and myself, personally, are fighting an uphill battle protecting the Democratic achievements of the past. My foundations used to focus on the so-called developing world but now that the open society is also endangered in the United States and Europe, we are spending more than half our budget closer to home because, what is happening here is having a negative impact on the whole world.”

Soros appears to be saying, in so many words, that the NWO and open borders with rampant and unhindered immigration is in trouble, and he blames Trump, likening the president to a mafioso.

All of this can mean only one thing.
Western people are fighting back against the liberal powers that be and the one spearheading this real achievement is our very own President Donald J. Trump.

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