Leftist Mental Gymnastics & The “Harry Potter” Book Series

A protester, making absolutely no sense at the “March For Our Lives” in D.C. March 24, 2018

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this is an AWESOME essay that will clarify a lot of things for those who are familiar with the Harry Potter book series. ~Admin JR

….I can prove the people against the Republicans are evil/stupid/insane, with Harry Potter.

One name- Dolores Umbridge.

..if you never read the books, you need to, otherwise you can’t appreciate this or understand it. The movies don’t help.

As a Harry Potter fan who has read and reread all the books so many times I can quote entire chapters..

The left is clinically fucking failed between the ears. This will be a very long post, I’m drawing serious similarities between the Ministry, the Daily Prophet, and our leftist govt. and the mainstream media.. And Dolores Umbridge, with liberal-agenda-pushing in schools.. And I am detailing specifics so as to be thorough in this writing.

And I’ll use guns as an easy example, comparing them with wands/magic, particularly the use of magic for self defense, with the left and disarming and weakening the populace.. as well as other examples…

Dolores refused to teach her class self defense. She made them read books about it but never practice anything or discuss anything. Bc the Ministry wanted stupid, helpless, DEPENDENTS. Harry and the students that had an ounce of common sense, and awareness of the threat of Voldemort, and threats in GENERAL, had to risk literal expulsion or even prosecution, accusations of treason against the Ministry, to simply educate themselves in self defense, in secret. They could have gone to PRISON for it if the Ministry wanted them to and caught them at it.

..look at what is happening in real life right now, with guns.. what has BEEN happening, worsening, over the last couple decades, in regards to basic self defense. Not just guns- if you’re getting the shit beat out of you, and you hit someone just to STOP them or get the fuck away, YOU CAN BE SUSPENDED, EXPELLED, CHARGES PRESSED ON YOU. People have been brainwashed into tolerating assault and waiting for, HOPING higher authority will solve it and protect them, relying on them to prevent it.. this is the end result- common sense must be taught in secret and you are a Nazi, terrorist, extremist, paranoid, crazy, evil, if you want to be prepared.. according to the left/Ministry.

Bc the DADA teachers(the decent ones, being Remus, Alastor Moody(Crouch Jr), and Severus) taught the students how to use their wands as weapons and self defense. They did not skirt around ugly things, and very openly, directly, acknowledged real threats and did so in a productive, responsible, manner. There was no denial or manipulation, no softening things up “bc chrilden ar easy scare of bad ting protec in buble an no spank”.

In fact Crouch Jr, masqueing as Alastor, was THE BEST teacher, every student looked forward to his classes even more so than they did when Remus was the DADA professor. He showed them the Imperius, Cruciatus, AND THE AVADA. He did not mince words, or downplay shit, or treat his students like feeble, hapless infants.

He did not teach or tolerate victimhood. He taught strength, to fight back. He taught NOT TO TRUST ANYONE AT THEIR WORD.

“CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!” Was his motto.. he wanted them all to figure things out for themselves, and to be capable, on their own, confident on their own, and able. ..and a magic wand is a HELL of a lot more dangerous than a gun. And these children were not coddled, they were held responsible for their actions and the environment they were in gave them a very mature, necessary, HEALTHY understanding of danger, safety, and self control, and personal responsibility.

They were, at the age of fourteen, more mature and independent, emotionally stable and self aware, than most liberal Democrat ADULTS two, three, even FOUR times their age.

..instead of leftist dependency and complacency. And the real Alastor was no different. That’s why Crouch was never figured out until the very end. He played Alastor PERFECTLY.

The best teachers in that series reflected, not leftism or socialism, liberalism or modern “human rights” ideaology, but rather, everything the conservative party represented and stood for. Personal responsibility, an understanding of danger and accidents and their inevitability.. and the fortitude to continue on, without cowering in fear or simply NOT USING MAGIC(guns) AT ALL BC ITS “SAFER”.. there were no excuses given for bullies or idiocy.

..do we want to discuss, however, how the Ministry facilitated and allowed a takeover that resulted in the rounding up and execution of, exclusion of, thousands of muggleborns, and the Daily Prophet gladly participated, and anyone who disagreed was faced with being targeted, even BEFORE Voldemort was in the open, bc the Ministry didn’t want to own their mistakes or hypocrisy, bc they wanted to gain and RETAIN as much control over the school as possible to socially condition students to not know how to defend themselves or use practical skills.. or discuss common politics unless it was staunch approval of the MoM? Like what is starting to happen en masse, in schools, right now?

The OOTP(Order Of The Phoenix), Harry, and his friends, refused to accept the Ministry’s mindless bleatings of “nothing is wrong, THIS IS YOUR ENEMY INSTEAD” attempts at redirection. Every reader was disgusted and angry at the way Dumbledore was attacked for telling the simple, bald truth and for his teaching methods, decisions as a headmaster… The Ministry of Magic and the Daily Prophet chose profits and power over truth, at the cost of lives. They facilitated Voldemort’s takeover.

Just like the leftist government is doing now, with bait-and-switch tactics, manipulation of fear and anger, trying to push the public into hating and fearing the truth as a lie, and safety as danger.. just like they facilitated the Florida school shooting by allowing it to happen. Hogg, his father, the leftist FBI, the police, and the politicians responsible, all have blood on their hands for it, same as the Ministry.

Anyone who reads Harry Potter and hated what the Ministry did, what Dolores Umbridge, and Crouch, even Scrimegour, the Daily Prophet, all did.. is a conservative Republican at heart. Bc they agree with the Republican ideaology of keeping government and social politicking OUT of schools, and are AGAINST media bias, and the emotional-manipulation, fear, and public-distraction witch-hunts(PUNS!).. And they automatically reject the mainstream line of “Trump is a Nazi, his supporters are crazy nazis, guns are murder machines, feelings are facts and bad things will go away if you cry or yell or get offended enough”.. “lying is a fact if you want it to be”.
– bc that is exactly what they witnessed happening in Harry Potter, directed towards Harry, Dumbledore, and others.
So why is it different or okay in real life?

The most liberal leftist Democrat abortion-party teacher EVER, was the ugly lying hag Dolores Umbridge. Who is literally more hated, as a character, than even Bellatrix or Voldemort.. and ironically, hated for the very reasons leftists love and submit to ideaology like this.

She used the rhetoric, ideaology, and logic being simultaneously shitted and vomited out by lefty Hitler Youth and Treason-Party politicians right now.. she is the original tumblrina. She literally justified torturing Harry for Telling the truth, she facilitated a dementor attack ON NOT ONLY HARRY BUT DUDLEY AND WHO KNOWS WHO ELSE, TO CREATE A FALSE FLAG ATTEMPT AT GETTING RID OF HARRY, THEN USED DISHONEST MEANS TO GET INTO AND MANIPULATE HOGWARTS.

Students that stood up to her were literally tortured, made to be afraid of speaking the truth. Simple facts were torture-worthy to her. Discussing politics got banned unless it was “Ministry approved”.. just like what is happening HERE AND NOW- Students getting beaten up and left with no recourse, suspended, singled out or shamed, attacked, accused of things, for not going along with the witch-hunts over guns.

Students that question the social politicking of feminism, of the growing support/push-for-tolerance of pedophilia, the pushing(instead of tolerance) of homosexuality and transgenderism, the deconstruction of basic gender identity and biology, the pushing of Islam, hating Trump and the right, hating Christianity, pushing hyper-sexualization onto children like with boys not even ten years old dressing in tight, revealing, posing spread-legged in drag and makeup.. race baiting and the attempted re-writing of history, the demonization of whites, the fear and hatred of men.. the deconstruction of the family unit–the hypocriticsl manner in which these issues are discussed and portrayed by the left- ALL of it..
-they are met with Dolores Umbridges to shame them, punish them, humiliate or suspend them, to force their silence or compliance, or trying to “get rid” of them.. there are new articles, DAILY, of students in grade school, Jr high, and college, facing this..

There are so many similarities between the left and the Prophet/Ministry, it’s actually kind of scary.. Bc so many fans are completely blind to it and they’ve been so brainwashed and socially conditioned, manipulated. And pointing it out just makes them offended, and angry, so that automatically makes them right and you wrong.

-Harry was accused, subtly and not so subtly, of so many things- including, at one point, murdering Dumbledore.. as well as being crazy or “a dark wizard”, similar to the way people are now accused of, or even attempted to be framed for, horrible crimes, or called insane, NAZIS.. Things they do or say are taken GROSSLY out of context or added on to, things left out, or presented in only the most negative, twisted context.

I promise you every one, to a tee, who read HP, will tell you how much they hated Umbridge, and Crouch, for interfering at Hogwarts and trying to play social politicking at school. How dangerous, counter-productive, stupid, backward, and impractical, as well as dishonest and unfair, manipulative, what the Ministry did was. How frustrating, horrifying, it was to watch it unfold. ..And how legitimately /evil/ and just plain STUPID it was of them… as well as how desperately, OBVIOUSLY in denial they all were while they did it. Every single one of them knew they were wrong.. they just didn’t care bc they were too proud, selfish, and cowardly to change their course of action.

..nvm the whole “the government/MoM played power trips with CNN, facebook, google, etc/the Daily Prophet, to go against anyone who told the truth or identified corruption or infiltration, or pointed out REAL threats to public safety..

Read Harry Potter. The Ministry of Magic and Dolores Umbridge are PERFECT examples of socialism and leftist ideaology in action.

..there’s a reason Dolores is possibly the most hated character in fiction history, PERIOD. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, the people being investigated for trying to frame Trump, the teachers across the country pushing liberal ideaology onto students and tormenting those who do not accept it..

This is proof of liberal hypocrisy at its absolute finest. Just look at the Author, Rowling, and her leftist ideaology. She creates wizard-hitler, describes very specifically how he infiltrates and uses government to poison schools and take advantage of manipulating and weakening, using children.. And then she pledges allegiance to the party doing exactly that?

..bc every single one of these people supporting this shit /knows/ it’s wrong and can explain in EXCRUCIATING DETAIL /WHY/ IT IS WRONG.

..but they magically suddenly forget that exact same reasoning and facts when they apply it to real life and real problems?

Maybe they need to realize that when people do this, it’s never for a good, moral reason. Treason, willingness to sacrifice innocent lives to further an agenda, driving the people into a state of fear and resentment and mistrust, taking away a person’s ability to rely on themselves, making people FEAR those who are self-reliant, all stem from preparing a people for a takeover or invasion, bc it makes them stupid, distracted, and easily controlled.. And so much easier to murder or imprison.

And the kicker, when it comes to leftist ideals about oppression, privilege, and behavior..?
– poor, rich, muggleborn or pureblood, aside from the occasional asshole like Draco or Severus, or REAL extremists like Death Eaters, there was no playing favorites or this screwed up fear of oppression in Hogwarts OR THE MINISTRY.. there was no “advocacy programs” for muggleborns bc they’re “underprivileged”..
-And despite the term mudblood basically being on par with any major racial slur, there wasn’t “hatespeech” policies, and muggleborns dealt with it, shrugged it off, moved on.. they did not claim oppression or blame inadequacies on purebloods as a whole. There was no “pureblood privilege”, outside of dealing with the occasional asshole.. these people dealt with prejudice by MOVING ON, instead of allowing their value to be determined by whether or not they were insulted and perpetuating, immersing themselves in, victimhood complexes.. there was no social conditioning. Hence why the students were capable of handling wands and learning magic, learning self defense and receiving an education in things that could so easily be fatal to several students.

..And we are aware of how easy it is to fuck up a spell, blow shit up, etc.. the reason this is, however, irrelevant, is bc of the /Environment/. In a healthy environment, there is no social conditioning. No fear, no politics, no gender or race or privilege. No distractions or emotional instabilities.. just a task at hand you must complete, a threat you must face responsibly and defend yourself against. These kids are here to learn, not be told how to feel, who to fear, and who their enemy will always be. And they’re not told their wands are these scary, dangerous murder tools.

The wand is just a tool. Not a murder wand, a rescue wand, a defense wand, a repair wand, a women’s or men’s or unisex or gay or straight or atheist or pagan or Christian or Muslim or black or white wand.. it’s just a fucking wand, a tool… And THEY are in control.

Compare this to the narrative of guns. The fear and wariness, the stigma, pressure, and paranoia. A gun in a holster on the hip can make people walk out of a store and have a hysterical breakdown these days. But a hundred years ago, a child as young as ten followed their father around carrying a rifle, and was already capable of loading, aiming, shooting, with it.. And it was just part of the scenery, psrt of a person’s daily outfit. A gun on the hip 100years ago, was a cell phone in the hand now. A tool.

Wands, despite magic, legit murder and butchering spells, maiming and torture and possession spells, despite a spell being spoken wrong or the wand moved wrong, despite the easily fatal results of a mistake, or a damaged wand backfiring or malfunctioning.. wands are viewed as tools. Adults and children alike see it as both a necessity, ever present, but also hardly worth meaningful notice or acknowledgement, anymore than we acknowledge a cell phone, pen, pocket mirror, or multiplier tool on a belt clip.
– and look at how the Dursleys- ignorant, fearful, prejudiced- view the mere PRESENCE of a wand- a terrifying, destructive murder or torture weapon.

See the difference? Understand the difference?

Voldemort exists, muggle haters exist, hut does this justify the Dursley’s paranoia and hysteria at the sight of, or mention of, a wand or magic?

School shooters exist, terrorists exist.. but do they justify the modern leftist’s paranoia and hysteria at the sight of, or mention of, a gun or shooting?

Context is everything.. And the context has been perverted through social conditioning.

Imagine the term assault wands.. some wands are more powerful than others, after all- lol.

The left has systematically socially conditioned people to automatically fear and resent, and the Ministry of Magic was well on its way to doing the same, with how Umbridge was trying to “teach” through a lack of action or proceeding.

About the social conditioning itself— consider the issues in their world, compare them to ours.

Everything the right stands for, namely personal responsibility, the left considers oppression.. poverty, abuse, sexual harassment or assault, bigotry, racism.. all things the left justifies as excuses to hate, fear, “oppression” that makes you fail and require permanent outside aid/support and to never be expected to support yourself or succeed, be constantly worthy of pity and sympathy, oppression which supposedly renders a person incapable of living a normal, happy, successful life without resorting to crime, committing suicide, becoming paranoid, or knee-jerk HATING EVERYONE.. and what makes it okay for you, as a victim of oppression, to lash out, punish, physically assault, and shutter, silence, try to exclude, accuse the right for systematically propegating.. Oppression supposedly is a guaranteed life destroyer forever the end..
—consider this:
-The most powerful, terrifying wizard in the world, Voldemort, was an orphan with no money and was, due to his mother conceiving him while his father was intoxicated by a love potion, incapable of feeling love/empathy(important, but not necessary to know right from wrong, especially if you’re a fucking genius like he was)..
– Severus was abused by his alcoholic father, and lived a shitty life, poor, neglected and resented by his miserable mother, watched his parents scream and fight constantly, was bullied mercilessly at school and taken in at 11 by blood purists in a house notoriously toxic, prejudiced and “dark” at Hogwarts…
– Remus was a werewolf his whole life, went through physical agony every full moon, had to keep his trauma a secret or face relentless fear and bullying, was also very poor, had extreme difficulty getting or keeping jobs as an adult due to prejudice against his illness/curse, was occasionally homeless bc of this and a very lonely person who lost the three best friends of his life, one to presumed treachery/murder of his other two friends, one to murder, the other to true betrayal/framing of the first friend..
– Sirius was raised by psycho blood-purists and WHO KNOWS what he went through at home, it was bad enough for him to stay with James more often than not, was framed by and betrayed by his best friend for the murder of his other best friend, and ended up in Azkaban being slowely driven insane by soul-sucking dementors who literally drain all happiness from those near them..
– ANND Last but not least, HARRY POTTER was routinely starved, abused, belittled, shamed, locked up, tormented from birth by a family who damn nigh wanted him dead but were too “proper” to kill him, and were literally forced/blackmailed/guilted by Dumbledore into keeping/hiding/raising him.
..going by the left, each of these characters should have not only ended up as psychos, rapists, abusers, miserable, hateful, paranoid, broken.. but they would all have received NO judgement for such actions. Only sympathy, understanding.. And anyone who found such behaviors unacceptable would have been regarded as “intolerant, ignorant, prejudiced” for expecting people so underprivileged to behave semi decent.

And yet..
…and yet they all were personally responsible for their own actions and behaviors. The excuses the left constantly makes to justify and promote victimhood and tear others down in real life, in our schools and legal system and politics, are the excuses leftist fans WILL NOT TOLERATE if someone tries to justify or minimize how cruel Severus was, or imply Draco was just a dumb innocent victim of circumstance, in comparing Voldemort to LITERALLY HITLER(bc he was)etc..
Each person was held responsible for who they turned out to be.

Every person was treated equally.. the only exception being nonhumans like house-elves, goblins, etc, which is a completely different subject despite the occasional parallels in the left’s idea of “oppression”.. which, again, when applied to the human characters who grew up troubled or oppressed, are all held accountable for their actions by the very leftists whose doctrine rejects such beliefs and policies..
–Everything- ideals, policies, social structures, that are now being demonized as “nazis” or extremism, unfair, or oppression..

The most basic ideaology of the right, most leftist fans agree with… but only if you talk about Severus or the others. And in real life, they’d commend Severus for “fighting Gryffindor privilege”, etc.. hence why women or POC hurting men or whites disregarded as funny or justice, bc “they’re not oppressed so they can’t be victims”..

It really does, in every single facet, boil down to, the left is the way they are, because they are violently, vehemently, AGAINST personal responsibility, in every way a person can be.

The psychology behind it, the gradual changes in behavior, perspective, the fear being the foundation of the ideals and beliefs, as well as the DEMAND for someone in authority to make the decisions, handle the problems, do all the work..

This is why leftists are against guns.

They lack self awareness, self confidence, self respect, and self control… And do not want to be responsible for their own lives or decisions. They fear those things.

…And they resent anyone who doesn’t.

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